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Benjey Zimmerman

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When did you retire? What made you decide it was time?

I believe that passion is the main ingredient of being successful. I lost my passion after some heavy injuries and disappointment in decisions by management. Continue reading

William Luu – Australian Muay Thai Photographer of the Year

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Congratulations on your recent win, mate! Is this your first award of its kind?

Thanks Jarrod! I appreciate the support!  Continue reading

Lion Fight 25: Cosmo Alexandre

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015

How is your body holding up to the rigors of kickboxing? Continue reading

Peter Graham Versus The World’s Strongest Man: KSW32

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The entire SSE Arena in London seems poised above us; an immense sphere of mythological darkness, something dreamed, something imagined. Continue reading

Raul Catinas: Heavy-Hitter’s MMA Debut

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 So…where you have you been, Raul? You disappeared for a while. Who was the last fight before you took a break? Continue reading

Mark Mullan Retires

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Mark Mullan has had more than thirty fights spread over a fifteen-year career. In that time, he has trained in the Netherlands at the toughest gym in the world and fought in Europe, Asia and Australia. The time has come to hang up the gloves and he intended to go out with a bang when he took on old rival Simon Coutsouvelis this Friday night. Continue reading

Ben Edwards – Glory 24

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I thought you’d given kickboxing away and gone to boxing?

I did – and I was going to have a break from everything! I was just burnt out from eleven years of constantly having a fight coming up. We got an offer from Glory – which we respectfully declined – and they countered with a generous pay increase and a two fight contract (outside of tournament) for that money and, with the US dollar falling my pay is increasing by the day… so we just said, ‘Give us a date and we will be there’. Continue reading


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