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Why Everybody Loves Mark Hunt

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“Shucks, if I throw Stipe Miocic into any harbour, he probably drowns,” Aussie headliner Mark Hunt laughs. “And how do we fight each other if he’s dead?

“Other fighters might like to talk trash but I’m fairly civil. Especially at this level.

“Plus Stipe seems a nice guy. So no, I won’t be throwing him into any water. But when the bell goes, man, I’m still going to put a hole in his face.”

- Hunt giving an intro to his performance against Stipe Miocic at UFC Fight Night in Adelaide on May 10, 2015

Brad Riddell: House on Fire

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

Brad Riddell’s first fight took place under unusual circumstances.

“I was supposed to fight a guy from Nelson [New Zealand’s southern island] but got a call from the guys from the gym the day of the weigh-in, saying he had been arrested and sent to gaol for trying to light his ex-girlfriend’s house on fire.” Continue reading

Ghot Seurnoi: Rare Breed

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

The first point of contact for the elusive Ghot Seurnoi is his trainer, Soren Mongkontong. When we spoke, I explained that I had made an appointment to interview Ghot at ten thirty the following morning.

“Don’t be silly, mate. There’s no way he’ll be awake. He’ll have been up all night on his PlayStation.” Continue reading

Hector Lombard Tests Positive for Steroids

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Hector Lombard, fellow Scida Stables alumnus, has tested positive for steroids after his win over Josh Burkman at UFC 182 last month. This is another stumbling block in the chequered career of an immensely talented fighter.

From the UFC: Continue reading

Andre Meunier – K-Energy

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Andre ‘The Mad Man’ Meunier: appropriately labelled and packaged for Japanese fans.

Andre Meunier, Victoria’s number-one heavyweight kickboxer, is hitting his straps. He’s just come back from a win in Japan where he was the intro for the two most significant heavyweights in the history of the sport, might do a it of boxing, enjoys a spot of MMA in his time off, has opened a tattoo parlour in Windsor and likes a bit of speedway racing when the opportunity presents itself. He tells Theme Park at its Darkest all about it.

So… how did it go? Continue reading

Paul Brennan: ‘Kind-Of-Extremely-Violent’

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Blitz Magazine, January 2015

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu is among the most practical, street-ready forms of kung fu available. Paul Brennan can testify to that, having learned it on the tough streets of Kowloon, Hong Kong, from one of the progenitors of the style, Ip Shui. Continue reading

Vale: Grant ‘Bomber’ Millwood

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28/02/83 – 17/01/15



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