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Balance: Shannon ‘Shaggy’ King

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International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2014

Shannon “Shaggy” King is a man whose biggest fight has been to strike the ideal balance between working and fighting. Continue reading


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“What a night. What can I say? Badr Hari is an animal. I was just too banged up to keep going. To my loving wife Silvia, my now-two little girls; you keep me strong.
“To my friends who have always been there for me, thank-you as you are all awesome. To my students at IMC Prospect: train hard and always do your best. Last, but not least, my fans; from the Kyokushin and Kempo karate people and the BJJ, MMA, Boxing And kickboxing fans who follow me and even the ones who do not or cannot, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

“You are all part of who I am.”

Post-fight dedication from Peter Graham, taken from facebook, 30/05/14

I logged a post about Ben Edwards previously to this. I was assigned to interview him for the most recent International Kickboxer Magazine and, towards the end of our conversation, he came out with something profound. Continue reading

UFC: The Other Side of the Bloody Coin

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ufc_fight_night_33_hunt_vs-_bigfoot_poster“Young men love war and old men love it in them.”

-Cormac McCarthy,

The Crossing.

Phil Rothfield recently published an editorial in The Daily Telegraph that has gone viral on the Facebook pages of many of the people I know. It’s a pretty inflammatory screed, and I’m surprised any credible newspaper would publish it; the comment about ‘allowing’ women to fight on the card alongside men must have left feminists, along with fight-fans, scratching their heads. Continue reading

Tyson the Rapist – The Facts

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I found a link on Facebook to Neil Patrick Harris doing a song-and-dance number to open the Tony Awards in New York. It was vaunted as the ‘best awards ceremony opener ever’, or some such hoopla. Conspicuously, it also featured a brief cameo from Iron Mike himself. Continue reading

Peter Graham signs with Bellator

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Congratulations on being signed to Bellator. What were the circumstances under which they contacted you?

Bellator has a whole bunch of managers and companies that supply pro combat athletes. They were looking to improve their heavyweight roster, and my name came up. They knew me; they had heard about my 8-fight winning streak. Actually, to date, I am on a 12-fight win streak altogether, which includes 11 wins by KO; that’s boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Continue reading

Semmy Schilt: Going to the Mountain

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International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2013

Semmy Schilt is one of the most dominant champions in the history of fightsports. Standing at two-meters-twelve-centimeters and weighing somewhere in the vicinity of one-hundred-and-thirty kilos, he towers over not only his opponents, but also, the history of the sport itself. JARROD BOYLE goes to the mountain and comes back with the news. Continue reading

Ramon Dekkers: The Legend and the Legacy

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International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2013

Ramon Dekkers was the most significant Western fighter to wear the Mongkon. In fact, he and Rob Kaman can be credited with re-inventing Muay Thai in Thailand, its country of origin. He racked up a string of wins against the best Thais in the business and carved out an indisputable reputation in the process. The decision was unanimous; Dekkers was the first non-Thai to be recognized by the Thai press as ‘Fighter of the Year’ in 1992. Continue reading

Christian Ennor

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I am lucky enough to have Christian Ennor holding pads for me. He is among the best pad holders I have worked with; he is systematic and understands not only how fights work, but how to train for them.

One of the things I admire most about him – other than his insight into the intricacies of fighting – is his physical courage. He always positions himself in such a way that I can get maximum leverage and power into my strikes, which is always at his expense. That kind of self-sacrifice is emblematic of the very best trainers.

He is also proof that a great trainer needs intelligence and insight, much more than experience.     Continue reading

Blood-and-Guts Love Letter

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“Boxing and bullfighting are elevated above other sports because of the blood that is in them.”

-       Ernest Hemingway (paraphrased from Death in the Afternoon).

 I have posted a few love letters on here over time. I was taken with the idea when I heard about ‘The Love Letters of Great Men’, courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’. Let’s face it; we watch for blood. It’s not just ghoulish curiosity; it’s also for catharsis. And if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I don’t give a fuck about anything that isn’t bloody.

The following is presented for your delectation.     Continue reading

Michael ‘Tomahawk’ Thompson

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imagesInternational Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

Michael ‘Tomahawk Thompson has had 41 fights in the brief period he has been Thai boxing. This is all the more remarkable when you take in to account he is only 22 years old. He tells the story of a remarkable career-in-the-making to JARROD BOYLE. Continue reading


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