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Andre Meunier

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

Andre Meunier is a ‘can do’ sort of fighter. Continue reading


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“What a night. What can I say? Badr Hari is an animal. I was just too banged up to keep going. To my loving wife Silvia, my now-two little girls; you keep me strong.

“To my friends who have always been there for me, thank-you as you are all awesome. To my students at IMC Prospect: train hard and always do your best.

“Last, but not least, my fans; from the Kyokushin and Kempo karate people and the BJJ, MMA, Boxing And kickboxing fans who follow me and even the ones who do not or cannot, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

“You are all part of who I am.”

Post-fight dedication from Peter Graham, taken from facebook, 30/05/14


I logged a post about Ben Edwards previously to this one. I was assigned to interview him for the most recent International Kickboxer Magazine and, towards the end of our conversation, he came out with something profound. Continue reading

Peter Graham signs with Bellator

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Congratulations on being signed to Bellator. What were the circumstances under which they contacted you?

Bellator has a whole bunch of managers and companies that supply pro combat athletes. They were looking to improve their heavyweight roster, and my name came up. They knew me; they had heard about my 8-fight winning streak. Actually, to date, I am on a 12-fight win streak altogether, which includes 11 wins by KO; that’s boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Continue reading

Steve Moxon – 'The Showdown' on April 28

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Steve Moxon, K1 specialist, will be going head-to-head against Frank Giorgi, one of Australia’s premier Thai stylists on Joe Nader’s Powerplay show, ‘The Showdown’, at the Moonee Valley Racecourse on April 28. Steve lets me know what it is we – and Frank – should expect.  Continue reading

Mick Siebert: Back in Black

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International Kickboxer Magazine, November/December 2011 

Mick Siebert is the kind of heavyweight we love to watch; big, skilled and lives to fight. He has spent some time getting his demons in check and has returned to the ring with a highly impressive decision win over the seasoned American K1 veteran, Carter Williams. He talks to JARROD BOYLE about his return to the ring and his plans for the future.  Continue reading


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Photo courtesy of Terry Vorg

This is a link to an interview for the Lifestyle Trainers website. I got the opportunity to dilate on my philosophy about life and fighting.

Steve Moxon: Onward and Upward

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.18, No.3

Steve ‘Stone Cold’ Moxon has cleared a lot of hurdles in his 4 years of training. He is now standing on the brink of international success. He tells Jarrod Boyle about his run along the road to the top. Continue reading


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