My next fight is slated for October 17, three days before I turn 35. I think my opponent is TBC, but I will be fighting on the undercard for John Wayne Parr vs. Yodsanklai, very possibly the best fighter in the world at his weight.

I am about nine weeks’ out, so I am currently focused on general conditioning and brute strength. I sparred yesterday with my mate, Gul Pohatu; we did 3X2 minute rounds and I came out of it feeling okay about my performance.

My general strength and fitness benchmarks require:

1. 170kg deadlift

2. 170kg squat

3. 100kgX10 bench press over three sets, and

4. Running one kilometer in 4 minutes. I’d like to get this down to 5km in twenty minutes, but I’m currently shambling around at 110kilograms. Which, for me, is very heavy!

I’m also working on conditioning my shins; at present, I know that I’m kicking properly because I feel as if my shin is going to snap when I make solid contact with Gul’s leg.

I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of my training and the change in activities as I taper down to the fateful date.

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