Cody Brooks: Rising Star!

In the space of just 11 fights, Cody Brooks has begun to stamp his authority on the Australian Cruiserweight scene. Jarrod Boyle from IK caught up with him to try and keep pace with the growth of his reputation.

How old are you, Cody?

I’m 18.

What’s your state of origin?

I was born in New Zealand, about an hour out of Auckland. I currently live in Woolongong – my family moved when 17 when Dad got a job in the mines. We live near the beach. The weather’s great – I really love living in Australia.

What do you do for a living?

I’m an apprentice panel-beater.

Where do you train and fight out of?

Khrop Khrua Muay Thai. Danny Jones is my trainer, and also my manager. He’s a great trainer; he has a real Thai style. He trains us hard.

What is your record?

11fights for 7 wins and 4 losses

Weight class?

Cruiser weight.

What’s your preferred skill set? How long have you been training for?

4 years. I prefer to train and fight Muay Thai.

Do you have a favourite technique?

I think I’m pretty much an all-rounder, but I feel most confident with my hands. I’m starting to use my elbows more and more as my confidence increases.

How many sessions a week do you train? Can you break it down for us?

Because of my apprenticeship, I only train 3 days a week, 4 coming up to a fight. I train for 2 hours a session on both Monday and Wednesday, and push it out to 3 hours on a Saturday. I would like to train more, but my job takes up so much time.

When I get to the gym, I start with a run. Then it’s 10 minutes skipping and 10 minutes on the tyre. I get on the bag to finish my warm up and then it’s sparring. We generally do about 9 rounds of Kickboxing. We do the clinching and grappling afterwards. Then it’s back on the bag and abs to finish.

The Saturday session is a bit different. The run, skip, and spar is the same, but I finish off with between 3 to 5 rounds on the pads. 2 to 3 weeks before a fight, we start to increase the work on the pads. A week out from a fight, there’s no sparring. We make up the work on the pads instead.

Do you come from a Martial arts or sporting background?

My main other sport growing up was rugby league. I also played a bit of soccer and basketball. 

Latest fight? 

Charles August. I lost by split decision. I was surprised by his power at the start. I never felt out of my depth, though – I just sat back too much and started too slow. From now on, I need to work more from the bell. My fitness is there; I just need to go harder. That fight was 5 rounds, full Thai. Prior to that, the most I’d ever fought was 3 rounds full Thai.

Looking at it, I am ecstatic to have fought someone I had looked up to. It definitely changed my view of my own ability. If I can do 5 with him, other than Carnage, I’m thinking I can do anything. 

Toughest fight?

Charles August!

What are your future ambitions with fighting?  Who do you want to fight next?

I’m booked to fight Dion Crouch next. After that I want to go pro. Maybe eventually move on to K1, where the money is!

Have you trained/fought overseas? What was the experience like?

I haven’t been overseas yet. I’m going to Thailand for the first time in November.

Is there anyone you want to thank, or shout out to?

Danny Jones, my trainer, my family for their support and also because they pay for my training! I also have to thank my sponsor, Gangsta Surf, my nutritionist Suzy Blanch and Brett Harriot.


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