Next Generation Megamass Forte


Charles Poliquin, legendary strength coach, wrote one of my favourite articles on training, entitled, “The Super-Accumulation Program: Overtrain, Rest and Grow!” Poliquin believes that by brutally overtraining, until your numbers actually go 20% to 40% in reverse, you can achieve spectacular gains after full recovery. I personally had the experience of being trained into the ground in The Netherlands; before that, I would have thought training that way was just crazy.

Poliquin says that ‘fatigue masks fitness’ and refers to Olympic athletes who often train themselves into the ground before the Games, tank when they get there, and then set new world records in their event when they compete again 2 to 4 weeks’ later. Poliquin also says, however, that most people can’t achieve this kind of over-training because anyone short of a hard-driving coach at international level simply won’t be able to keep your nose jammed up against the grindstone. Charlie says,

“If at the end of two weeks you’re happy and cheery, then you’re a bullshit artist. You must have used the pink dumbells for all the exercises. I’ve seen guys crying, asking if they could go home! If you have thoughts about going on a shooting rampage in the local shopping mall because the price of beef went up, you’re on the right track.”

Charlie P. also says that when you recover, you have to double-dose your supplements. Which brings me to the subject of ‘Next Generation Mega Mass Forte’.

I went to Vitamin Me on Chapel Street and consulted my excellent friend Reece Lancaster about a suitable testosterone-booster for use before my next fight (I use a creatine monohydrate and thought I’d give the test-booster a go). He told me that ‘Next Generation Mega Mass Forte’ was the best; an Australian-made product, it had the highest level of saponins (the organic ingredient that induces testosterone production in the body). I got it for $60 for 60 capsules, which is essentially a 30% discount. At full price, my testosterone booster works out to be $1.50 a dose.

Which brings us to the subject of double-dosing. My fight was approximately a week – 7 days – away from date of purchase. The label says that men over the age of 35 should take 1 capsule a day and need around ten days until results become apparent. I expect you can see the mathematics here; to solve my problem, I decided to double dose.

Why not? Charles Poliquin does it.

Anxiety has descended on me like the other side of a long-lost split personality disorder. I’m starving hungry every 25 minutes and the slightest hold-up in traffic makes me want to scream until my eyes pop out of their sockets.

I normally get nervous before a fight and go through a ‘what the hell am I doing this for – again???’ period. For the last 48 hours my guts have been tying themselves in knots and, this morning, I noticed that my hands were actually shaking.    

I cannot imagine what it must be like to take anabolic steroids and have these feelings crowding your brain 24/7. Training and sparring and sacrifices of time are one thing; self-induced chemical imbalances are quite another.

Christ, I hope I win on Sunday.

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