Mick Siebert: Back in Black

International Kickboxer Magazine, November/December 2011 

Mick Siebert is the kind of heavyweight we love to watch; big, skilled and lives to fight. He has spent some time getting his demons in check and has returned to the ring with a highly impressive decision win over the seasoned American K1 veteran, Carter Williams. He talks to JARROD BOYLE about his return to the ring and his plans for the future. 

So, Mick, what made you come out of ‘retirement’?

My wife had threatened to leave me if I didn’t stop fighting. She eventually left anyway, so I decided that I might as well keep going. I have to say also that I was disappointed when I fought Ben [Edwards] and my shin split. I couldn’t leave it like that.

 How’s the epilepsy? What does the doctor say?

I’ve pretty much got it under control. I have been seeing my doctor and he says that I have to try and keep my training at a lower intensity. We have spent the last year or so testing medications and it seems to be working. The simple fact is that I just can’t push it like I used to. Since I’ve got my meds worked out, I haven’t had any further problems or seizures.

 Have the conditions of your training changed? How will you change your training to suit?

The bottom line is that I have to keep my heart rate down and my body temperature down. In order to avoid fitting I need to keep calm. I also tend to fatigue really fast.  I’m still training myself with the boys from my gym.

 Tell us about your recent fight with Carter Williams on the ‘Kings of Kombat 4’ promotion. How did you pull up?

Carter weighed in at around 120 kilograms and stood just under six feet tall. He was one of the fastest fighters I’ve ever seen, though, and I knew he was going to hit me hard. I went up in weight myself – 113kg – for this fight. My game plan was to defend and then hit him hard as possible. It worked!

 What did you think of Slowinski vs Graham?

It was a really good fight; toe to toe all the way. It looked pretty even to begin with and then Paul caught him with that body shot and just jumped on it. I have a lot of respect for both men. I wouldn’t want to fight either of them.

 Where do you see yourself sitting in the top 5?

I think that with the right training, I can match it with them. I’m hanging in there, but I’m not a full-time fighter. As a result, I’m in limbo. At the moment, I probably have between one and two fights a year. There’s nothing planned at the moment, but I may be competing in an 8 man tournament in December, down in Melbourne. Hisham Hannah, Kelly Seif and Peter Hatton are really good guys to work for.

 Do you envision a rematch with Edwards?

Always. Ben is a real gent. We get along well, and I’m convinced that he’s one of the best fighters out there. He has evolved immensely since we met the first time. Do I want to test myself again? Of course I do.

 What does your record stand at now?

I have had thirty fights for twenty six wins. All my losses – to Steve Bonner, Ben Edwards and Brian Douwes – have been to fighters who hold world titles.

 Can you tell us a bit about your recent fight against Steve Bonner?

Unfortunately, I lost to Steve. There’s no excuses – he was the best fighter on the night and deserved the win. I found after seeing the doctor that I had been suffering from Ross River Fever in the lead up to the fight and naturally, that left me feeling a little drained. That said though, that’s not to try and take anything away from Steve. He got the win on the night and he deserved it.

What are your goals now? Do you have any international ambitions?

Realistically, I fight as a hobby. I have a couple of businesses to run – a promotions company and a security consultancy. Travelling would be good, but it all comes down to that I love to fight! I won’t stop until my body tells me to.

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