Mr and Mrs Creosote

According to Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart is a ‘Great Australian’. This statement was made just after she lashed out and purchased a chunk of Fairfax media, about 13%. In the breath following, Palmer announced that he’d like to buy in, too.

Now. I don’t know these people, but this is what I do know. I hear that Mortein are shutting up shop in Australia, Holden is laying off workers and Alan Joyce succeeded in breaking the strike of Qantas ground staff and received a $600,000 bonus for his trouble.

Two months after Mr Joyce grounded the airline, stranding 70,000 people worldwide for days, the Qantas board awarded him 375,014 shares bought for him by the company’s share plan trustee at $1.58 each, the result of Mr Joyce meeting performance targets.This brings his remuneration package to about $5 million.”

–        The Age Newspaper, 04/02/2012
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Regard these photos of Rinehart and Palmer. I saw Palmer on Q&A last year as part of a panel discussion. He is so fat you could actually hear him snoring through the conversation. I have never heard a person whose oesophagus is so blocked as a result of obesity that they snore while awake.

Is it possible that these people have too much? Do they consume too much?

Mr Creosote, in the event you don’t know, is a character from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Watch the clip via the link below – it is far more eloquent than any explanation I could tender.

Mr Creosote

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