A Open Letter to the Western Detractors of Kony 2012

The late 20th-early 21st century sees a world in which 60% of its inhabitants live below the poverty line. The ‘Kony 2012’ campaign, regardless of who runs it or for what reason, ostensibly seeks to make famous a man who presses children into sex slavery or warfare.

The bulk of Kony’s foot soldiers were children. While estimates of the number of children conscripted since 1986 vary, some put the figure as high as 104,000. When abducting the children, Kony and his army often killed their family and neighbors, thus leaving the children with little choice but to fight for him. In 1992 Kony renamed the group the United Democratic Christian Army, and it was at this time that they kidnapped 139 girls from the Sacred Heart Secondary and St. Mary’s girls schools.

“Crises in Sudan and Northern Uganda”. Subcommittee on Africa. U.S. House of Representatives. July 29, 1998. Retrieved October 21, 2011.

The last time the US led a war it was into Iraq, over oil. I remember the awful feeling of powerlessness as my democratically elected government dragged me in and I was literally powerless to do anything. Now, because of this particular campaign, I can take action based on my conscience. I am not an economic entity – I am a moral one.

It disgusts me to listen to the deniers and the naysayers. Most of you pricks are working in jobs you hate to buy shit you don’t need. This is an opportunity to take part in something historical. To define yourself morally.

To my mind, there is nothing more repugnant, more pit-of-the-stomach disgusting, than a person who seeks to take an opportunity to do something decent, and turns it into a soapbox to attract attention to themselves through their vapid, vacuous ‘opinions’.

Where were you during Srebrenica?

To read criticism of ‘Invisible Children’ and the ‘Kony 2012’ campaign, go here:


To read about Invisible Children answering its detractors, go here:


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