Steve Moxon – 'The Showdown' on April 28

Steve Moxon, K1 specialist, will be going head-to-head against Frank Giorgi, one of Australia’s premier Thai stylists on Joe Nader’s Powerplay show, ‘The Showdown’, at the Moonee Valley Racecourse on April 28. Steve lets me know what it is we – and Frank – should expect. 

How many fights have you had now, mate?


What did you think of your last opponent, Wes Capper?

Wes Capper has had about 30 fights. He’s good, but he fights in Perth, on local shows. The difference [between us] is that I do it in front of the world. I’d sparred him before; I knew how skilled and technical he is. In fact, I thought he’d be a tougher [fight] than Frank.

Your next fight is against Frank Giorgi, on April 28.

That’s right, under K1 rules. My question is, how often do you see Frank grapple and elbow? Not often. The whole thing really is a load of shit. K1 rules really is Thai rules, minus what he does. How many Thai fights do you see where they grapple and throw six knees? I was happy to take it at mod Thai, but they said they were fine with K1. They stipulated a Full Thai Rules rematch, which I declined. If you don’t like it, then don’t do it; don’t take the fight. The way they wanted it, they were setting themselves up for a loss and an excuse. When you learn Muay Thai, you learn how to kick and punch. That’s what we’re doing. You could just as easily ask, ‘Then why not go full Thai Rules?’ My answer is, I don’t want to be cut for a couple of thousand dollars. I’m just trying to do what I do – if you don’t want to do it, then don’t take the fight.

What do you think Frank will bring to the table?

He’s tough as hell; that’s what makes him good. He’s not afraid to come forward. But then, he’s not fought anyone like me that throws 10 punches with kicks. I’m going to show him how it really feels to fight someone with a European style.

You sound confident.

I think I can knock Frankie Giorgi out. Wes was faster and taller and I think I can get in close, throw combinations and knock Frank out.

Are you still training with Peter Graham?

I’ve actually got a new trainer, Andrew Berridge. He was ten-time Australian Muay Thai champ. He’s my pad holder and, actually, a current Crossfit champ.

Have you included any Crossfit as part of your regimen?

To tell you the truth, I don’t do Crossfit because I’m a little worried about pulling up sore. I want to be fresh for my two sessions a day. I tend to keep them between 30 minutes to an hour, hour-and-a-half max. Short, sharp and explosive.

You started your own management company.

I manage myself – I decided it was better to cut out the middleman. I also started my own business, ‘MC2’, which stands for Moxon/Carlos squared. We’re a management company. Effectively, I’ve started my own brand and I’m the product. The personality, the fighter; I’ve got my own logo, and the tattoo. On my website I sell T- shirts, supplements and do some product endorsements. My partner is Carlos Quadiri. He’s the directing manager of Hewlett Packard Australia and New Zealand. He brings the financial support and business acumen to the table, and he’s teaching me along the way.

It sounds like you’ve got a few career-oriented ideas for life after fighting.

I think management is a good career for anyone to go into. I’m also training some amateur fighters and developing a kid’s fitness company, which will target self-esteem and self-respect, with a focus on anti-bullying.

You can check out Steve’s website at

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