Freedom, Sunshine and a Little Flower

I recently read a story from the Washington Post via Facebook, about an experiment conducted in a U.S. railway tunnel.

One of the world’s most gifted musicians, Joshua Bell, stood and played a succession of classical masterpieces on a $3.5 million dollar violin and was ignored by everyone, except a small child. I was struck by a vague sense of guilt at the time, and it seems to have stuck with me since.

The other day, as I crossed the threshold to my apartment, I found this flower on the doorstep. My girlfriend had bought a bunch of flowers a few days earlier and one of the stems had fallen off on the doormat. Over time it blossomed right there, without any water, or even the conduit of its stem. I saw it today, in full flower, and photographed it with my Smartphone. I reproduce the photo for you here above and below.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote that, “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

Even kickboxers.

One Response to “Freedom, Sunshine and a Little Flower”

  1. ilfiore66 Says:

    How we are affected by the seemingly small beauties in life depends on our sensitivity to our surroundings.

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