The Civil Rights Movement is not a Thing of the Past

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AS controversy rages in the US over star footballer Michael Sam’s brave decision to come out, a US sports anchor has delivered an amazing and inspirational speech.

Dale Hansen, who presents on Dallas-based ABC affiliate WFAA, urged viewers and fans to embrace Sam, pointing out that other players had gotten away with despicable behaviour whereas the only ‘crime’ Sam had committed was to love another man.

“You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots, you’re the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft,” Hansen said.

“You love another man, now you’ve gone too far. It wasn’t that long ago when we were being told that black players couldn’t play in our games, because it would be uncomfortable, and even when they finally could, it took several years before a black man played quarterback, because we weren’t comfortable with that either … I’m not always comfortable when a man tells me he is gay, I don’t understand his world, but I do understand that he is part of mine.”

Of course, this being Texas, the speech has sparked another controversy, with some members of the public expressing anger over Hansen’s comparison of Sam’s struggle to the civil rights movement.


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