Alex Perekrest and Red Giant – 3


How did you end up on Small Stone? Did signing with them change things for you?

We’d done some songs for a couple of Small Stone compilations. The Aerosmith compilation, ‘Right in the Nuts’ or something in particular. We did ‘Lord of the Thighs’ for that one. Anyway, I think that must have been a factor.

‘Man’s Ruin’ went under and a slew of those bands ended up at SS. I emailed Scott and he said we were welcome to send him some demos. I guess he liked what he heard. I was excited to be in the same family of bands as Valis, with Van Conner from Screaming Trees, and Honky with Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers.

Being on Small Stone gave us opportunities to play showcases at ‘South By Southwest’ and to tour and have the product packaged and produced. Scott is a really nice guy and everything at SS is just wonderful. Great experience. He’d gotten some of our songs onto T.V. shows. Random stuff I don’t watch, but still… mainly, it felt good to be surrounded by great bands.

What’s your touring and gigging schedule like? Do you ever play internationally?

Haven’t played outside the home since 2012. Well, that’s not entirely true. I drove up to Cleveland with Melida and my first born, Nova, shortly after her first birthday and jammed with Damien, Chris and Brian. The original lineup. Just a jam-room jam.

You’ve got a couple of little kids now. Is your growing family impacting on your time with the band?

Absolutely. By my own choice. The way I do fatherhood is to give them everything of myself. I work overtime so my wife can stay home with the girls. And when I’m not at work, it’s all family time. During naps or if they’re occupied with a DVD, I’ll sneak up to my little riff closet and write and play.

It’s funny, I feel more passionate about guitar playing than ever, and I’ve always striven to exceed my own expectations. But band life is really kind of silly and pointless at this stage of life. If it were lucrative, I might consider pursuing it. It’s very rewarding to me that my music is a thing between God and I, right now.

Do you have a ‘day job’?

I’m a stone-mason by trade, which evidently translates into ‘patio guy’ in this new normal. Intensely laborious construction with a satisfying pay-off for my creative tendencies.

You make a lot of government-related posts. What’s your attitude to the current admin? What do you think would fix it?

Well, let’s see… yes, I do share many govt related posts. Facebook is my soapbox sometimes. This current administration is the same globalist nightmare that the former administration was. Presidents are nothing but puppets for the off-shore, private bankers that crash economies and buy up the goods of nations wholesale.

The lives of ‘we the serfs’ mean nothing. The two party system in the U.S. is a smokescreen, and that’s evidenced by the attitudes held by true conservatives as they express frustration over the leadership of the republican party. I’m hearing a lot frustration over the RINO lack of action against what Obama is enacting, policy wise.

In other words, the goals of government are handed down from the unseen hand from above and regardless of who or what party is in charge, the same policies will be put in place. Global domination is the endgame and draconian control is the method.

Just watch what happens. We have a great group of libertarian-minded candidates making waves and saying the right things. Guys like Rand Paul. But just like his Dad, he’ll get ignored over some status-quo shmuck like Jeb Bush.

The media, if you can read between the lines, will tow the globalist line like always, steering the brainwashed masses into voting for a traitor. Like always. And yeah, I view all this through a conspiracy theory lens, but without it, none of this makes a damn bit of sense.

And for the record, I blame the Bush administration for the 9/11 attacks and not only voted for Obama in 2008, I campaigned for him. I worked hard to try to undo what Bush/Cheney did here, with the patriot act, the NSA spying, the TSA, the militarization of police etc.

Obama just made it all so much worse and I thank God that some of this madness has been brought to light.

It’s indicative when you see this massive apparatus for spying put in place under the guise of protection, yet a terrorist group like ISIS can pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, and start wreaking havoc. Al Qaeda was a CIA front, and I think this Isis thing is the result of playing with the fire of proxy ‘enemies’.

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