Lion Fight 25: Cosmo Alexandre


International Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015

How is your body holding up to the rigors of kickboxing?

Now I know how I need to train. I don’t need to spend all day in the gym like I was doing when I was young. I try to train smart.

How did the Lion Fight opportunity come about?

I did some fights in Lion Fight [organization], and I remember I was asked about this fight before because I knew it would be big. But a few weeks ago the promoters asked me if I would fight JWP, and of course I answered yes.

How do you recollect your first fight with Parr?

Fighting JWP is always an honour. My first fight against him, I hurt my back twenty minutes before the fight; I fought just because God did a miracle. After the fight I went straight to the hospital and they said it was very serious, maybe I wouldn’t fight again. But God, as always made a miracle in my life, and I didn’t stop fighting.

What about the second?

The second was good; I love to fight tournaments. Two or three fights in the same night, I like this! It was tough because [there were only] very good fighters in the tournament. JWP, Dzhabar and Madsua. I won by KO .

What’s your game plan for the third?

I don’t have a game plan. I like to go and see what I can use in the fight.

What’s your opinion of Parr as a fighter?

He is a legend, that’s it. [He’s an] inspiration.

How did you end up training with the Blackzilians? Specifically, who are your coaches?

I am training in Brazil now. I moved [back] last year… maybe fifteen or sixteen months already. In Brazil I can train real Muay Thai, but at the Blackzilians, just Kickboxing.

My coaches are Joao Fernandes and Felipe Moledas. I have made good friends [amongst the] Blackzilians, but for me now, [training in] Brazil is better.

Your MMA record is outstanding. Do you think you will continue down that road?

Yes , I just signed with the World Series. I’d fight in December but for this year, I have Muay Thai fights every month.


Do you enjoy living in the US?

Yes, it is a nice place to live, but depends where you live. I was living in Delray Beach, near the beach, so I can’t complain. Ha!

Your faith plays an important part in your life. How does it impact on your career as a fighter?

I am sure everything I have done was because God gave me… a gift. I don’t deserve, but he is Merciful and His love lasts forever. It gives me peace because I know He is always doing what is the best for me; no matter the result, He always does what is the best in my life.

I heard two times in my life that I couldn’t fight again; it was just a miracle I could [come back]. After that, I became World Champion again. So, how [can people say they] don’t believe in God’s power and love ?

I’m thankful for everything. I have a blessed life, [a] beautiful and healthy family, I surf almost every day, I travel around the world fighting and surfing so I can’t complain. I just thank God for every moment.

What’s on the horizon for you, other than Parr?

Man, I want to go to Cali, fight JWP, surf there for a few days, and go back to Brazil and train for my next fight. I will fight in Brazil on November 23rd and then December 15 in Vienna. So, [it’s a] busy year.



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