Dirty Joke

Peurile, but effective! With thanks to Ian Rizzo.

A School Girl says, “Mummy, I know where
babies come from!”

The Mum replies’ “Where’s that then, Sweetie?”

The girl says, “Mummy and Daddy take their clothes off and daddy’s thingy sort of sticks out and mummy puts it in her mouth and
sucks it and that is how you get babies!”

Shaking her head, the Mum says, “Darling that is so sweet, but that’s not how we get babies; that’s how we get flowers, jewelry,
clothes and shoes!”

3 Responses to “Dirty Joke”

  1. Yep!

  2. Mate, you are deftly traversing the high/low art dichotomy with this blog. Bravo!

  3. Avid reader Says:

    Flowers,clothing,jewelry and shoes? Shit,I must be doing it wrong…all I ever got was a reputation 😉

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