Why I Do Not Call Myself a Feminist

Please look closely at the gentleman depicted in the photo below:

And now, this one:


This pair of wankers appear in a feature in The Age, called ‘The Zone’.

‘The Zone’, in what can only be described as its manifesto, declares

“The Zone is about change. It’s about bringing more voices into public debate. It  aims to ventilate arguments for moving from what is the case to what ought to be the case. Therefore, it is going to be full of controversial positions. If you  want to find a target – or a cause – aim for The Zone. It is designed to invite or provoke you to think and respond – and even act.”

It’s not that I’m cynical about causes, or targets; I guess it’s the ventillation that bugs me. As far as I’m concerned, your ideals are a bit like charitable dontations; you keep them private, and it’s vulgar to prostitute them as a fashion accessory. Whether I’m a feminist, or a marxist, or whatever else – God protect me from becoming the kind of metrosexual halfwit asswipe who wears his ideals like a pair of spectacles or a goatee.

It’s almost enough to make you start reading the Herald-Sun!

5 Responses to “Why I Do Not Call Myself a Feminist”


  2. Asswipe? Brilliant…..

  3. Boo – there isnt a link, my sentiments exactly!

  4. Hilarious, my feelings too.

  5. agreed – Jarrod. yes they are a pair of wankers.
    agreed – Boo. Cannot see the feminism link to these geezers. Or being a metrosexual (a term invented in Sydney to describe the man who cannot admit he is in fact gay).

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