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Goodlife – the WORST gym in the World

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Front Page of The Age Newspaper, Saturday October 29

Ardent Leisure are the parent company of both Dreamworld and Goodlife Gyms. I parted company with them in 2016 in no small part because of their refusal to properly maintain their facilities. Continue reading

Eight Ways to Spot a Good Gym

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Today’s Age Newspaper.


The Straight View from the Middle of Mardi Gras

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Your humble narrator – and the Housewives on Fire – have made today’s Age newspaper.

Mardi Gras, bitches!


UFC 193 in The Age Newspaper

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Fortunate enough to be quoted in The Age Newspaper today on the subject of Ronda Rousey and UFC 193.

When Will the Mainstream Media Approach Combat Sports from the Head, Rather Than the Ass?

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I am currently traveling in Europe, and news reached me that Australia has had a sudden change of prime ministers. Eager to share in the good news, I googled The Age Newspaper Online.

In addition to reports on the change of leadership, I discovered there was an article about the press conference for UFC 193, due to be held in Melbourne on November 15. Continue reading

Adam Goodes: My Response

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Hi mate

I appreciated your email about Goodes. Continue reading

‘Blood is Proof of Life’

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Your humble narrator was fortunate enough to be quoted in The Age Newspaper and The Sydney Morning Herald today on the subject of cage fighting in Victoria.

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