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The Return of ‘Bangin’ Ben’ Edwards

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You’ve been quiet. What have you been up to since you lost the Oz Heavyweight boxing title to Peter Graham? Continue reading

Peter Graham – World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

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How does it feel to be the heavyweight world champ? Continue reading

Peter Graham – New WBF Boxing World Heavyweight Champion

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Some things are stories; others are facts. The fact is Peter Graham is now the WBF world heavyweight boxing champion. He is the first Australian in history to hold a heavyweight boxing  title.

Peter Graham Versus The World’s Strongest Man: KSW32

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The entire SSE Arena in London seems poised above us; an immense sphere of mythological darkness, something dreamed, something imagined. Continue reading

Peter Graham – Professional Fighter

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KSW 31 visual en

Fight! Magazine, July 2015

Peter Graham has had more than one hundred fights – full-contact karate, kickboxing, boxing and mixed martial arts – and never broken a bone. Continue reading


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“What a night. What can I say? Badr Hari is an animal. I was just too banged up to keep going. To my loving wife Silvia, my now-two little girls; you keep me strong.

“To my friends who have always been there for me, thank-you as you are all awesome. To my students at IMC Prospect: train hard and always do your best.

“Last, but not least, my fans; from the Kyokushin and Kempo karate people and the BJJ, MMA, Boxing And kickboxing fans who follow me and even the ones who do not or cannot, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

“You are all part of who I am.”

Post-fight dedication from Peter Graham, taken from facebook, 30/05/14


I logged a post about Ben Edwards previously to this one. I was assigned to interview him for the most recent International Kickboxer Magazine and, towards the end of our conversation, he came out with something profound. Continue reading

Peter Graham

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Blitz Magazine, December 2012

The day I talked to Peter, he was managing multiple tasks and unsure I’d be able to get any sense out of him.

“I’ve just come from ten rounds of sparring!” Continue reading

Rolling Thunder: Peter Graham

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The 11th hour knockout delivered when Peter Graham fought Badr Hari at the K1 WGP in New Zealand, 2006.

International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.18, No.2

“Each of us has his cowardice. Each of us is afraid to lose, afraid to die. But hanging back is the way to remain a coward for life. The Way to find courage is to seek it on the field of conflict.”
~Mas Oyama~

Peter Graham was big as a teenager, but not the biggest. He was also tall, but not the tallest. In fact, other than some experience playing Rugby League as a kid growing up on the North Shore of Sydney, he’d done very little in the way of athletics by the age of eighteen.

There was no history of outstanding sporting performance to let anyone, much less the young Peter Graham, know exactly what was in store when he finally walked into the Kyokushin Karate dojo near his home.      Continue reading

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