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Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses

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Chapter 23

Wally and Johnny were standing outside the sliding door to the pub when Pat got back. Wally was dressed in full lycra; white, orange and lime. A racing bike with a matching colour scheme leaned against the brickwork beside him.           

“You look like a fucking radioactive boiled egg,” said Pat. 

“Gee, Pat, tell us what you really think. Don’t hold back now.” Continue reading

Finding Cronos

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I knew Marie was finishing late tonight, so I ate an early dinner at the pub. I had a couple of pots with a counter meal and was feeling good when I stepped out into the crisp, dry, mid-winter evening. I was crossing the parking lot when I saw something I didn’t like. Continue reading

Mouthful of Stones

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Chapter Forty One

The Calder Freeway passed within 200 meters of my parent’s house. Technically, I was breaking the conditions of the restraining order, but eight months’ ago seemed like a different time. I was a different person.

It’s always colder out of the city. Apparently, the buildings hold the warmth. Out here in the country, everything’s flat. Acres and acres of land with the occasional tree and stands of prefab houses – new suburbs cropped  up like toadstools. The Digger’s Rest pub stood beside the Old Calder Highway, which ran parallel to the freeway.

“How far we going?” I asked Sil.

“Gisborne. Another twenty.”

Daisy’s outline was visible in the rear view. A canvas tarp was tied over her cage to keep the wind out. Continue reading

On Fighting

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I waited for Phil to hit me, thinking it would help me get past the taboo of sparring with my friend – that is, someone I didn’t really have a reason to punch. He threw out a jab. I caught it, but when he threw the next, he doubled it and the second punch sailed over my mitt. I got a face-full of cold and wet.

Phil’s glove was almost dripping with Clay’s blood. Clay’s blood was now smeared across my skin and over my eyes and mouth.‘Revolting!’ I thought. ‘Hepatitis! AIDS!’ Then I saw Phil’s eyes above the shining leather of his gloves and everything was reduced to survival. Continue reading


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“Cowardice… is something a man does. What passes through his mind is his own affair.”

-Lord Moran

Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel, The Last Temptation, remains wildly controversial. Black-listed by the Vatican shortly after publication in 1960, Kazantzakis took a number of significant liberties with the ‘official’ story of Christ, as told in the gospels. Judas is a very close friend; the only disciple with the strength of character to betray a Jesus who instructs him to do it. Agonising death on the cross has been revealed to Christ through a premonition as the will of God.

While we all know the story of the crucifixion, the raw facts have been obscured by accretions of sentimentality and tradition. The fundamental fact is that Christ was tortured to death. Continue reading

Inside a Dutch ‘A Class’ Training Session

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Errol Zimmerman showing Bjorn Bregy who’s boss at the K1 Europe GP in 2008

International Kickboxer Magazine, Volume 16, Number 3 May 2008

Australian Heavyweight Jarrod Boyle lives in Breda, Holland, where he trains out of the world-renowned Golden Glory Gym, home to such champions as Semmy Schilt and Stefan Leko. In the following story, Jarrod takes us inside a typical Dutch ‘A Class’ training session. Continue reading

'Catching Cannonballs!' Aussie jumps into Dutch Training Cauldron

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Me and Chalid 'Die Faust' Arrab, shortly after he almost punched my head off.

International Kickboxer Magazine, Volume 16, Number 2

March 2008 

Melbourne Heavyweight Jarrod Boyle jumped on a plane at the end of February and headed to Breda, Holland for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to train at the Golden Glory Gym of K1 stars Semmy Schilt, Stefan Leko and Chalid ‘Die Faust’ Arrab under the auspices of legendary trainers Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers. Here he talks to MICHAEL SCHIAVELLO about life in the cauldron of one of the world’s most successful and toughest gyms. Continue reading

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