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I attended the ‘Lifestyle Trainers’ exhibition at Birrarung Marr on the banks of the Yarra yesterday. It was an exhibition to publicise the health and fitness website I have been writing for as an ‘expert commentator’. It tickles my ego to be billed as a commentator, probably because the implication is that I am currently paid to give my opinion. Thinking about this pricks a small space somewhere inside me, which I suspect if very close to whichever metaphysical organ can be described as my conscience; by way of justification or explanation of the commentator tag, I offer something  chanced upon again the other day in one of my most prized possessions, The Collected Works of e.e. cummings. Continue reading

Real Men #5: The Fukushima 50

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A small crew of self-appointed workers have chosen to stay behind at the stricken Fukushima #1 nuclear power-station in Japan. They are attempting to control the fires in reactors 1, 2 and 3, placing themsleves in the path of dire risk in order to try and prevent what some have called an imminent apocalypse.


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Tonight will host the largest, brightest incarnation of the full moon in its 18-year cycle.

One Speed, Two Mistresses, Tons of Money, Adonis DNA and Tiger's Blood: 'I'm on a drug – it's called Charlie Sheen'.

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I think the title says it all, really.

Peter Costello vs the AFL II

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Go to work, Peter Costello.

Intelligent, incisive, gutsy, and a damned good writer.

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