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Lucas Browne: Blunt-Force Trauma

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Fightlive Magazine, August/September 2016

Lucas Browne is one of the biggest names in Australian combat sports. He recently contested the WBA world heavyweight boxing title in Chechnya, successfully wresting it from its long-time Chechen incumbent, Ruslan Chagayev. Continue reading

Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel

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Nat had a scarf in the back seat of the car. Before they set off, she wrapped it around her neck, tucking the tails into her jacket before zipping it up. She walked past the car and down the stairs that led to the sand. Pat followed. Continue reading

Goodlife – the WORST gym in the World

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Front Page of The Age Newspaper, Saturday October 29

Ardent Leisure are the parent company of both Dreamworld and Goodlife Gyms. I parted company with them in 2016 in no small part because of their refusal to properly maintain their facilities. Continue reading

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