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‘Simplicity is the Last Step in Art…’

Posted in Boxing, fighting with tags , , , on August 30, 2021 by Jarrod Boyle

Training other people’s children is one of the most significant responsibilities I’ve undertaken.

It’s a huge moment of trust when a parent leaves you with their child, and I feel as if me and the kid are enveloped in a white-hot spotlight of attention. Everyone can see everything I do, and they’re watching in relation to the child.

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The Heavy Bag is a Koan

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‘There must be rites,’ [the Fox said].

‘What’s a rite?’ asked the Little Prince.

‘It is a thing too often neglected…’

The Little Prince,

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


I have a young man coming to see me for boxing training. His older brother bought him a ten-session package for an eighteenth birthday present, because learning to ‘handle yourself’ is considered one of the quintessential rites of passage.

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Ben Edwards is a beast. After making a significant impression on international heavyweight boxing and kickboxing, he is poised to make an elephantine splash at the deep end of the swimming pool of MMA. He fights Westside MMA stalwart Jeremy Joiner this Friday night in Canberra on Monaro Fight Circuit 26. Continue reading

Box Office Appeal: Mayweather Versus McGregor

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Published in ‘Mayweather Vs McGregor: Money Fight.’

“The public has been hoodwinked. It’s the biggest farce in boxing history,” says Peter Graham, former world champion heavyweight boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Continue reading

Boxing: ‘Simplicity is the Last Step in Art and the Beginning of Nature’.

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Without wanting to get too technical, boxing is one of few sports which delivers a truly comprehensive workout. Continue reading

Lucas Browne: Blunt-Force Trauma

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Fightlive Magazine, August/September 2016

Lucas Browne is one of the biggest names in Australian combat sports. He recently contested the WBA world heavyweight boxing title in Chechnya, successfully wresting it from its long-time Chechen incumbent, Ruslan Chagayev. Continue reading

Omari Kimweri: Fighting Fugitive

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FightLive Magazine, June/July 2016

“Life is easier when I’m boxing,” says Omari Kimweri, once Tanzanian, now Australian flyweight boxer currently in-line for the WBC silver title. This is a remarkable statement, especially when you consider it in the light of what he’s had to do to stay in the game. Continue reading

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