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Is Muay Thai More Dangerous Than AFL or Rugby?

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The short answer is that I don’t know, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

The next time someone says fighting is more dangerous or injurious, point them towards this article:


War and Peace, p.242

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“He told them about his Schongraben action in just the way that those who take place in battles usually tell about them, that is, in the way they would like it to have been, the way they have heard others tell it, the way it could be told more beautifully, but not at all the way it had been. Rostov was a truthful young man, not for anything would he have deliberately told an untruth.

“He began telling the story with the intention of telling it exactly as it had been, but imperceptibly, involuntarily, and inevitably for himself, he went over into untruth. If he had told the truth to these listeners, who, like himself, had already heard accounts of attacks numerous times and had formed for themselves a definite notion of what an attack was, and were expecting exactly the same sort of account – they either would not have believed him or, worse still, would have thought it was Rostov’s own fault that what usually happens in stories of cavalry attacks had not happened with him. He could not simply tell them that they all set out at a trot, he fell off his horse, dislocated his arm, and ran to the woods as fast as he could to escape a Frenchman. Besides, in order to tell everything as it had been, one would have to make an effort with oneself so as to tell only what had been. To tell the truth is very difficult, and young men are rarely capable of it.”

Thank God for Bettina Ardnt

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I hardly watch any pornography at all, but as an issue, it’s probably one of the biggest bones lying around the doghouse. Someone tipped me to this very interesting article, which I thought made an interesting counterpoint to Gail Dines’, also published in ‘The Age Newspaper’ and linked to via this blog.


Positive Criticism

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Pearls of wisdom from the older generation, posted here for the general improvement of male readers everywhere:

“There comes a time in a man’s life, say, your age (indicates Mr Boyle with a pointed teaspoon), when a man really should stop being an ass-hole and grow up and be a man.”

– Julie Hock, inculcating your author on the finer points of male comportment. 

Gyms of The World

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Thailand is the home of Muay Thai, but like a game of Chinese whispers, the message has changed into to strange and wonderful versions the world over. The Dutch have clearly developed their own method, while nations like Brazil have become a force of their own on the world stage. JARROD BOYLE examines some of the jetsetting kickboxer’s options.  Continue reading

Family Business – Josh Scida

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“I started fighting when I was eighteen, but I’ve been training since forever.” Continue reading

The K1 Affair: Rise and Fall of a Fighting Juggernaut

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The merits of various martial codes and their true point of origin will always be up for debate, but as far as codifying stand-up fighting and putting it on the international stage, K1 takes the honours. The glory has not been without incident, however; K1 is now fighting not only for pre-eminence, but also for its survival. JARROD BOYLE examines the history of one of fighting sports’ most sacred, hallowed codes. Continue reading

Les Lothringer – Guest Blogger

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This week, I introduce guest blogger, Les Lothringer. He was kind enough to author an article and I post it for your entertainment.

Enjoy. Continue reading

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