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Girl in the Rain at the Airport, at Night

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Headlights blossom across the rainswept screen

As the rain hammers on the roof of the cab

When the rabble parts she’s suddenly seen

Dragging her little suitcase through the pack


Her lips, her brows and soundless bell of hair

Are as memory drew them, just the same; but

Her eyes are mercurial ghosts that skim the glare

And glide beneath the dappled shadows of the rain


My apprehensive kiss flows into a crude embrace

And the sharp breath through her nose is frustration

As she turns, looks out the window to hide her face

And disappointment corrodes my elation


Whether it’s love or courage, I hardly know

But this can only be perfect if I let her go.

Hitler, By Joachim Fest

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Now, more than ever, this is a book that needs to be read. Continue reading

Choke (2)

Posted in poetry, sonnet, violence against women with tags , , , on February 2, 2020 by Jarrod Boyle
Choke 2.jpg

The sting in my hand from where I’ve struck her

The welt that’s swiftly rising on her thigh

The mark glaring through its suntanned lustre

The bolt of pain that taints her almond eye

The sweat that gathers in her dusky creases

The body that’s knotted like a rope

The sigh that’s strangled and abruptly ceases

The chin slick with saliva as she chokes

Blinking eyes that swim with sweat that’s searing

Relentless, I drive past lips, teeth and tongue

Her eyes bulge, mascara-smeared and teary

I feel the edge of teeth before I come

Gagging, she spits and tears a breath of air

Spent, sated and slaked, I can hardly care.

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