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The End of Silence

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“Caravaggio was like a right-angle in the history of art; things were one way before him, and completely different after.”

Quotation taken from the NGV’s ‘Darkness and Light: Caravaggio and his World’ exhibition of 2004, where it was stencilled on a wall at the conclusion.

Your author paraphrases Robert Hughes from memory. Continue reading

Why I Do Not Call Myself a Feminist

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Please look closely at the gentleman depicted in the photo below:

And now, this one:


This pair of wankers appear in a feature in The Age, called ‘The Zone’. Continue reading

Policemen, Bears and Brothels

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 “…what on Earth did they do?” asked the countess. Continue reading

Dirty Joke

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Peurile, but effective! With thanks to Ian Rizzo.

A School Girl says, “Mummy, I know where
babies come from!”

The Mum replies’ “Where’s that then, Sweetie?”

The girl says, “Mummy and Daddy take their clothes off and daddy’s thingy sort of sticks out and mummy puts it in her mouth and
sucks it and that is how you get babies!”

Shaking her head, the Mum says, “Darling that is so sweet, but that’s not how we get babies; that’s how we get flowers, jewelry,
clothes and shoes!”

Story of O

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“…for as a matter of principle he was participating in whatever might be demanded of or inflicted on her, and that it was he who possessed and enjoyed her through those into whose hands she had been given, by the simple fact he had given her to them. She must greet them and submit to them with the same respect with which she greeted him, as though they were so many reflections of him. Thus he would possess her as a god possesses his creatures, who he lays hold of in the guise of a monster or a bird, of an invisible spirit or a state of ecstasy. He gave her only to… reclaim her enriched in his eyes, like some common object which had been used for some divine purpose and has thus been consecrated.”

Story of O, P.31.

There is a special category of books I love into which Story of O falls, along with Hubert Selby Junior’s Last Exit to Brooklyn. These are books I HATED the first time I read them, went away and thought about, re-read and then discovered they had completely rewrought the way I thought. As books, they actually pushed me out of one phase of psychological maturity and into another. Continue reading

Ivan Turgenev's 'First Love'

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I have no intention of being mistaken for a feminist, but this short story has stirred a few different things in me.

Continue reading

Soren Mongkontong Retires!

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.19, no.3

At age 31, Soren Mongkongtong has spent fifteen years in Muay Thai, which equates to very nearly half his life in the sport. Continue reading

Frank Giorgi – Streetfighter!

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol. 19, no.3

“When I fight, I don’t look at it as a sport – I fight with intent and anger. Like a streetfight.” Watching footage of Giorgi on the internet is about as much convincing as any Australian fight fan needs. Continue reading

The Internet is for Porn!

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…as if we didn’t know.

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