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Rodney Hall: A Stolen Season

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At the gym – working on the gun show.

Rodney Hall is one of Australia’s greatest living writers. He has been nominated for the Miles Franklin Award seven times and if he wins this year, it’ll be the third time he’s gone home with the prize.

I have known him for eighteen years and he never fails to deliver on the subject of literature. He has been kind enough to wax lyrical at the Theme Park on matters literary and a few others that happen to intersect within his purview. 

T.P: I’m guessing that if the Miles Franklin Award was predicated on biceps, you’d win that. Continue reading

The Worst First Date in the History of the World

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There is something confronting about the disembodied voice of a stranger on the telephone, particularly when it’s someone you may fall in love with. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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I don’t believe in threats. A threat is specific, and knowable. It comes from you, and it’s contained and bordered by words. Fear, however, is personal. It’s amorphous and endless. Like a gas, it expands to fill a space.

“You’re done! You’re done!” said the others.

“I’m done when I say I’m done,” I replied, trying to find his eye. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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Jester Mitolo Cabernet Sauvignon from McLaren Vale, South Australia.

She never loved you.  

Further down, Kaysler Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa Valley.

She never loved you.  

In the next rack, Saltram’s Barossa Shiraz.

She never loved you.

I opted for the Kaysler. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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Maybe she didn’t love me. Worse, all those times we lay in each other’s arms at night, she may have just been doing that so I’d keep paying her registration fees and mobile phone bills. Continue reading

Fighting in Public Places

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Night. A depthless, crystalline dark. I was lighting candles when the phone rang.

“Hey Monkey,” I said, “How’s it going?”  Continue reading

Ice-Induced Psychotic Episode: A (More or Less) True Story

Posted in Fiction on February 14, 2016 by Jarrod Boyle



“What happened to your knee?” asked Rush.

“I fell out of a helicopter.”

“Really?” Continue reading

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