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Giorgio Petrosyan: Top of the World

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International Kickboxer Magazine, July/August 2013

Giorgio Petrosyan is that great rarity in fightsports: he boasts an almost unblemished record of eighty fights for seventy-six wins. Interestingly, only one of those unsuccessful ventures is recorded as a loss. There are a handful of other fighters who can lay claim to near-perfect records, but their resumes are a patchwork of second-tier opponents and greats past their prime. Not so with Petrosyan; he has fought – and defeated – all of the best fighters in the world today in contests spread across all of the premier ‘kickboxing’ organizations. Necessarily, his career has sustained many ups and downs outside of the ring.   Continue reading

Rollins Band – ‘Weight’.

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Some years ago, I was hunting around on iTunes and discovered, to my considerable astonishment, there was no review for The Rollins Band’s magnum opus, The End of Silence. Continue reading

Dynasty: Stuart McKinnon

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International Kickboxer Magazine, July/August 2013

Stuart McKinnon is a vocational fighter. When IK caught up with him, it was to talk about his recent win over tough New Zealander, Josh Tonna. Stuart has many other things on his plate, however. Family life, running his gym and contributing to the ongoing success of his younger brother, Steve, take up much of his time. Continue reading

Corbett Versus Spong II: It’s On!

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Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett has recently signed to the Glory World Series with his first designated opponent being Tyrone Spong. Spong is widely considered to be the best fighter at his weight in the world. This was also the case when Nathan knocked him into the middle of next week back in 2009. Spong has gone on to distinguished showings in K1 and the Glory World Series, while Nathan has remained undefeated since last they met.

Trainer extraordinaire Richard Walsh gives us the low-down on what’s to come.  Continue reading

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