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The Heavy Bag is a Koan

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‘There must be rites,’ [the Fox said].

‘What’s a rite?’ asked the Little Prince.

‘It is a thing too often neglected…’

The Little Prince,

Antoine De Saint-Exupery


I have a young man coming to see me for boxing training. His older brother bought him a ten-session package for an eighteenth birthday present, because learning to ‘handle yourself’ is considered one of the quintessential rites of passage.

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ABC FM Radio National: Exercise and Injury Part Five

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Final in the five-part series on exercise and injury, broadcast on ‘Life Matters’ on ABC FM Radio National.

Weight Training: What’s the Big Deal?

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This article is the basis for the ABC FM Life Matters segment, ‘The Exercise Room.’

The broadcast can be listened to here.

What is weight training?

Weight training is one form of resistance training. Weights – barbells and dumbells – are the implements that immediately come to mind for most people, but there are a multitude of different tools you can use, all of which will give you a different result. Continue reading

Radio National: Fitness and Creativity.

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Radio National: Exercise and Injuries

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Your humble narrator on the subject of the aforementioned.

Radio National: To Gym or Not to Gym?

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Your humble narrator appeared as an ‘expert’ fitness person on the ABC FM radio program ‘Life Matters’ to discuss the aforementioned.

Link to broadcast is here.

The article itself is here.

Goodlife – the WORST gym in the World

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Front Page of The Age Newspaper, Saturday October 29

Ardent Leisure are the parent company of both Dreamworld and Goodlife Gyms. I parted company with them in 2016 in no small part because of their refusal to properly maintain their facilities. Continue reading

Eight Ways to Spot a Good Gym

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Today’s Age Newspaper.


Zen for Violent Men

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“Weight training is Zen for violent men.”

-Gregory David Roberts. Continue reading

Perfect Day

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Paul Johnston, proprietor of Olympia Gym, is visible sticking his head out the front door to find out why the hell I was standing in the middle of the street, staring at my iPhone.

It was 42 degrees today. I hit the weights at the great Olympia gym in South Melbourne and then went and splashed around at the beach near Middle Park pier. Perfect holidays are made of this.


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