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Moby Dick to be Broadcast On-Line

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Moby Dick will be read in its entirety and broadcast over the internet. Continue reading

Apprentice Debt Collector

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Debt collection is a tricky business. And what people don’t realize (or aren’t willing to credit) is that it’s a legitimate trade. You don’t just walk into a person’s house and say, ‘give me the money’. When you go to collect, a million things can go wrong.  Continue reading

The Grail

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I loathe Crossfitters, but I love Crossfit.




Anyone interested in fitness, or being fit, must read this.




Benjey Zimmerman

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When I trained at Golden Glory, the most famous fighter on-campus was Chalid ‘Die Faust’ Arrab. There were another four lesser-known guys who were just as awesome; Gokhan Saki, Alistair Overeem, Errol Zimmerman and his cousin, Benjey. The first three have gone on to become household names (in kickboxing households, at least).

For my money, Benjey is next. Continue reading

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