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Tyson the Raconteur

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Mike Tyson was in Toronto, delivering his spoken word show ‘The Undisputed Truth’. While there, he was interviewed on television to both promote his show and the mayoral candidate he was there to support. Continue reading

Tyson the Rapist – The Facts

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I found a link on Facebook to Neil Patrick Harris doing a song-and-dance number to open the Tony Awards in New York. It was vaunted as the ‘best awards ceremony opener ever’. Conspicuously, it also featured a brief cameo from Iron Mike himself. Continue reading

Raul Catinas – Ben Edwards' Opponent for the K1 Final Elimination Tournament

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Ben Edwards will face off against Romanian fighter Raul Catinas at K1 Final Elimination on October 14. Raul and Ben will meet in what I expect to be the most exciting fight on the card; both are big, powerful men with a reputation for big, powerful punches. Both have cut their teeth with previous Final Elimination appearances at which they lost to more experienced opponents. The road is narrowing to a path and Catinas and Edwards are nose-to-nose at the junction.

Continue reading

Benjey Zimmerman

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When I trained at Golden Glory, the most famous fighter on-campus was Chalid ‘Die Faust’ Arrab. There were another four lesser-known guys who were just as awesome; Gokhan Saki, Alistair Overeem, Errol Zimmerman and his cousin, Benjey. The first three have gone on to become household names (in kickboxing households, at least).

For my money, Benjey is next. Continue reading

Wayne Carey: The Truth Hurts

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I went into this book hoping for a Raging Bull story (I’m referring, of course, to Martin Scorsese’s film about the boxer, Jake La Motta). That said, I was expecting a fairly blunt and simplistic tool designed to resuscitate Wayne’s media career. I was disappointed on the one hand, confirmed on the other, but nonetheless, held in the grip of the tale. Continue reading

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