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Peter Aerts

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

Peter Aerts, like all ‘great’ athletes, is most often defined in terms of the length of his career and the titles he’s won. True definition, however, is a matter of establishing something in comparison with its contemporaries which, for a fighter, is in terms of their opponents. Continue reading

Marcel Dragan

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L to R: Thom Harinck, Marcel, Raul Catinas, and some other dude I don’t recognise.

Marcel Dragan recalls the quotation from William Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’; ‘He whose face gives no light shall never become a star.’ Marcel was the first, and probably the most influential, coach of one of the world’s most talented heavyweight kickboxers, Raul Catinas. This interview provides insight into Raul, as well as Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers, in addition to the culture of Romania and why a hard sport like Muay Thai flourishes under such hard conditions. It’s also a portrait of one of the most unselfish, decent trainers I have met during my involvement with the sport.

Athough, he persists in calling me Jerry.  Continue reading

Raul Catinas – Ben Edwards' Opponent for the K1 Final Elimination Tournament

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Ben Edwards will face off against Romanian fighter Raul Catinas at K1 Final Elimination on October 14. Raul and Ben will meet in what I expect to be the most exciting fight on the card; both are big, powerful men with a reputation for big, powerful punches. Both have cut their teeth with previous Final Elimination appearances at which they lost to more experienced opponents. The road is narrowing to a path and Catinas and Edwards are nose-to-nose at the junction.

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Lucy Tui: First Lady of Australian Kickboxing

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Lucy Tui and I commentating for 'Eruption' in 2010

International Kickboxer Magazine Vol.18, No.6

For Lucy Sassen Tui, fighting was in her blood; her father had been the New Zealand heavyweight amateur boxing champion in 1954. She was one of nine children, closest in age to her brother, so she found herself joining in with the boys at playtime. “I was very sporty,” she remembers. “I did a lot of athletics while I was at school, and I held the record for the 100-yard dash as a teenager.” This was an excellent base for her martial arts training, which began like so many other kickboxers – in Kyokushin karate.

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