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The Day Borges Blew Up My Head

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This week, at the urging of David Foster Wallace, I read two stories by Jorge Luis Borges: ‘The God’s Script’ and ‘The Immortal’. In the same way I will always remember where I was and what I was doing when Princess Diana was killed, I will always remember sitting at that Glenferrie Road café, killing time in between clients on a grey mid-morning when I read those two stories. Continue reading

Venus in Furs

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“In life, one must be the hammer or the anvil.”

– Goethe, as quoted in Venus in Furs.

I am convinced that Pride and Prejudice should be on the reading list of every teen-aged boy. I loved the book when I read it; I thought to myself, ‘I should have read this twenty years ago! This explains exactly what’s wrong with them!’

I have recently read Venus in Furs and this book should also be added to the adolescent male list of required reading.  Continue reading

All Hail the Super-Samoan!

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On Saturday May 26, the Cindarella of fightsports will strike out in pursuit of the UFC Heavyweight title. We love and respect Junior Dos Santos as one of the few gentlemen remaining in what has increasingly become a thug sport (see the woeful weigh-in shaenanigans of Diaz and St-Pierre), but my money is on the great Antipodean.

I salute Dos Santos, but Mark Hunt is in my heart.

All hail the Super Samoan!!!

Jamie ‘The Official’ Stamp

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Revenge of the beard!

Revenge of the beard!

International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2013

In Queensland, people grow all kinds of crazy things in their backyards. At Jamie Stamp’s house in Ormeau, it happens to be a kickboxing gym.

“It started off as a small shed down the back of the house,” says Jamie. “Since Anthony [Vella] has come along, the place has grown in leaps and bounds. It’s getting bigger and bigger! We’ve already got six of our regular fighters matched for February, and there’s fifteen or so fighters down there altogether.” Continue reading

Sydney Force: Michael Badato and Joe Concha

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International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2013

The Full-Force Gym in Blacktown in Sydney’s western suburbs is a family affair. JARROD BOYLE talks to MICHAEL BADATO and JOE CONCHA, two of its brightest stars. Continue reading

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