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Vale: Grant ‘Bomber’ Millwood

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28/02/83 – 17/01/15


Sydney Force: Michael Badato and Joe Concha

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International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2013

The Full-Force Gym in Blacktown in Sydney’s western suburbs is a family affair. JARROD BOYLE talks to MICHAEL BADATO and JOE CONCHA, two of its brightest stars. Continue reading

Mel Walsh

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Mel at work - doing what she does

Mel at work – doing what she does

Mel Walsh recently competed at the IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai) games in Russia, bringing home a silver medal. She talks about family and fitness as the ‘headmistress’ of one of Australia’s premier Muay Thai gyms, Urban Fight Gym. Continue reading

Absolute Carnage: Training with Nathan Corbett

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International Kickboxer Magazine Vol.18 No.6

Every fighter who is exceptional does it after their own fashion. In a fundamental sense, this is logical. The easiest fighters to read are the textbook ones; you can read them because, well, their technique looks exactly like it should. A lot of the time, the most dangerous people are unorthodox, because they don’t look like anything you’ve seen before. This principle holds true not only for the way a fighter executes technique, but also penetrates all the way into training. This series of articles will spend time with several exceptional fighters and come up with the goods on what makes them unique. A good part of it is physiology and talent, but it has everything to do with doing things differently.       Continue reading

Jarrod Boyle Versus Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett

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I have written three articles about Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett for International Kickboxer Magazine. The first was a preview of his clash against Tyrone Spong, who was widely considered at that time to be the best pound-for-pound kickboxer in the world. After Carnage knocked him well into the middle of the week after, contest or no-contest, I think it is fair to say that the mantle for that particular accolade has passed. Nathan, at age 30, is well on the way to asserting himself as the best kickboxer on the planet. Continue reading

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