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The Long Road: ‘John’ Wayne Parr

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International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2015

There are many things to like about ‘John’ Wayne Parr. Best of all, he always comes up with a story. Just ask his friend, Joe Rogan. Continue reading

Ben Edwards – Australian Boxing Champion

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How about these rugby players?

There’s a difference between being a fighter and being an athlete. I’ve been in situations in a fight were I can feel my brain is swelling inside my head. You ask yourself a question in situations like that. Continue reading

Ben Edwards – Australian Boxing Champion

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Ben Edwards is always good for a chat. Since last we spoke, he has added Australian Heavyweight Boxing Champion to his string of achievements. He was kind enough to do a lap of the Theme Park in order to fill us in on the details.

What happened with Glory? Continue reading

Steve McKinnon: Glory Bound

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International Kickboxer Magazine, September/October, 2013

Steve McKinnon has just come through a difficult twelve months, but he’s feeling good. This year, Steve has had two fights on Glory World Series, the European promotion that has stepped in to fill the vacuum for world-class kickboxing since the demise of the Japanese K1. Continue reading

Corbett Versus Spong II: It’s On!

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Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett has recently signed to the Glory World Series with his first designated opponent being Tyrone Spong. Spong is widely considered to be the best fighter at his weight in the world. This was also the case when Nathan knocked him into the middle of next week back in 2009. Spong has gone on to distinguished showings in K1 and the Glory World Series, while Nathan has remained undefeated since last they met.

Trainer extraordinaire Richard Walsh gives us the low-down on what’s to come.  Continue reading

Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett: What's on for 2012

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Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett gives us the flip side of Richard Walsh’s coin. Continue reading

Absolute Carnage: Training with Nathan Corbett

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International Kickboxer Magazine Vol.18 No.6

Every fighter who is exceptional does it after their own fashion. In a fundamental sense, this is logical. The easiest fighters to read are the textbook ones; you can read them because, well, their technique looks exactly like it should. A lot of the time, the most dangerous people are unorthodox, because they don’t look like anything you’ve seen before. This principle holds true not only for the way a fighter executes technique, but also penetrates all the way into training. This series of articles will spend time with several exceptional fighters and come up with the goods on what makes them unique. A good part of it is physiology and talent, but it has everything to do with doing things differently.       Continue reading

Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett: What's Next?

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Post-sparring analysis after Carnage gave me a sound beating.

International Kickboxer magazine, Vol.18, No.4

The last time this magazine visited Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett, he was a month away from meeting a man roundly considered to be pound-for-pound the world’s best fighter, Tyrone Spong. After being knocked down in the second round, Nathan recovered from wobbly legs to down Spong with a spectacular right hook. Controversy set in quickly, however; Nathan failed to see the referee wave off the contest and thought the fight was still underway. Seeking to capitalise on what he believed to be no more than an eight-count, he punched Spong all the way into the middle of the week after. When the dust had settled, the fight had been ruled a no-contest. Continue reading

Three Levels of the Front Kick

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.17, No.2

The front kick, or push kick is a unique weapon in the skilful kickboxer’s arsenal. It has a smaller contact area than the round kick, which allows as much of the shin as you decide to use. With a push kick, the sole of the foot, its most pronounced areas being the heel and the ball, will focus most or all of the impact. Continue reading

It's On! Spong Vs Carnage

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International Kickboxer Magazine Vol. 17 No.3

Tyrone Spong is certainly the man of the moment. He has a mystique that precedes him on a number of different fronts; he has, by the tender age of 23, amassed a professional record of 87 fights for 82 wins, held a slew of titles and is currently moving into the world’s premier stand-up martial arts arena, the K1. This foray has co-incided with Royal Rumble Magazine (the premier Dutch fightsports publication), naming him as the best pound-for-pound kickboxer in the world. Any opponent he draws will be of interest, simply by the light they are cast in when standing alongside him. Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett is one of the world’s only other fighters, let alone of the same weight class, that can claim similar standing. While he has roughly half of Spong’s pro fights to his credit, he enjoys a similar win/loss/draw ratio and a similar mystique. Continue reading

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