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Verhoeven and Holzken: the New Generation of Dutch Dominance

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International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2016

Glory 26 was held on December the fourth of last year in Amsterdam, the unofficial capital of European kickboxing. The two biggest draw-cards of the event were respective world champions at both welterweight and superheavyweight; Nieky Holzken and Rico Verhoeven. Continue reading

Peter Aerts: All The Hits

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International Kickboxer Magazine, July/August, 2015

Peter Aerts has recently announced his retirement due to an inability to recover from injury, bringing down the curtain on a phenomenal career. Continue reading

Peter Graham – Professional Fighter

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KSW 31 visual en

Fight! Magazine, July 2015

Peter Graham has had more than one hundred fights – full-contact karate, kickboxing, boxing and mixed martial arts – and never broken a bone. Continue reading

Thug Sport

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Georges St-Pierre

I am turning my back on the UFC. And it’s George Saint-Pierre’s fault. Continue reading

Peter Graham

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Blitz Magazine, December 2012

The day I talked to Peter, he was managing multiple tasks and unsure I’d be able to get any sense out of him.

“I’ve just come from ten rounds of sparring!” Continue reading

The K1 Affair: Rise and Fall of a Fighting Juggernaut

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The merits of various martial codes and their true point of origin will always be up for debate, but as far as codifying stand-up fighting and putting it on the international stage, K1 takes the honours. The glory has not been without incident, however; K1 is now fighting not only for pre-eminence, but also for its survival. JARROD BOYLE examines the history of one of fighting sports’ most sacred, hallowed codes. Continue reading

Rolling Thunder: Peter Graham

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The 11th hour knockout delivered when Peter Graham fought Badr Hari at the K1 WGP in New Zealand, 2006.

International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.18, No.2

“Each of us has his cowardice. Each of us is afraid to lose, afraid to die. But hanging back is the way to remain a coward for life. The Way to find courage is to seek it on the field of conflict.”
~Mas Oyama~

Peter Graham was big as a teenager, but not the biggest. He was also tall, but not the tallest. In fact, other than some experience playing Rugby League as a kid growing up on the North Shore of Sydney, he’d done very little in the way of athletics by the age of eighteen.

There was no history of outstanding sporting performance to let anyone, much less the young Peter Graham, know exactly what was in store when he finally walked into the Kyokushin Karate dojo near his home.      Continue reading

Three Levels of the Front Kick

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.17, No.2

The front kick, or push kick is a unique weapon in the skilful kickboxer’s arsenal. It has a smaller contact area than the round kick, which allows as much of the shin as you decide to use. With a push kick, the sole of the foot, its most pronounced areas being the heel and the ball, will focus most or all of the impact. Continue reading

Working Off the Jab

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Yusuke Fujimoto at the business end of bad news:

International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.17, No.4

Sam Greco says that the jab is a fighter’s yardstick; if you can reach your opponent with your jab, then you are at effective range for all other weapons. A good, solid jab is the foundation of kickboxing technique. It is important to make a distinction at this early point, however; a kickboxer isn’t the same animal as a Thai boxer. For a kickboxer, the jab is a close-range weapon. For a Thai boxer, the jab is a middle-range weapon. Continue reading

Fighting as a Taller Fighter

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What NOT to do, courtesy of Peter Aerts

International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol.17, No.1

If I landed a shot for every time someone said my height was an advantage, I would never have lost a sparring session. The annals of K1 are littered with tall fighters who have at one time or other, ruled their division or at least made a lot of trouble for everyone else. There are, or course, fighters like Ray Sefo, Gokhan Saki and Chalid Die Faust who, scraping six feet and weighing not much more than 100kgs, also create a lot of trouble of their own. This has everything to do with exploiting the weaknesses of fighters taller than them. In short – it’s one thing to be tall, but quite another thing to take full advantage of it. Continue reading

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