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The Greatest Kung Fu Story Never Told: The Gold Lamborgini, The Purple Suit and a World-Class Moustache

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Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Vol.30, No. 5, June/July 2016

“I just don’t see the interest in wading through someone else’s dirt,” says Gawain Sue, principal of the Ging Mo Kung Fu School in Perth and heir to Malcolm Sue, one of the most infamous figures in Australian martial arts. Continue reading


Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – A Novel

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“You mean, you fucked a woman in a brothel who wasn’t a hooker, to start with, and you didn’t have to pay for it?”

There was a taint to Wally’s incredulity, as if somehow he should be able to go back and claim a refund, or possibly a voucher. Continue reading

Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses – a Novel

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She shifted her hands from his chest to his back. Her nails gently depressed his skin the way a cat uses its claws to establish a precise hold. Continue reading

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