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Trauma and Recovery

Posted in Journalism, Reading with tags , on May 30, 2011 by Jarrod Boyle

Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

I had a nasty little incident in my share house last Sunday night. Continue reading


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By my reckoning, this is a genuine horror movie. Continue reading

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

Posted in Journalism, Writing with tags , , , on May 25, 2011 by Jarrod Boyle

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I went to see Red Stitch Theatre’s production of The Tectonic Theatre Group’s play The Laramie Project – 10 Years’ Later on Saturday night. It is an interesting thing, going to a cultural event in Inner-City Melbourne. I’m going to put it to you like this, and in so doing, possibly reveal myself as paranoid, Continue reading

Raphael Saadiq

Posted in Music with tags on May 2, 2011 by Jarrod Boyle

“You don’t call her fat; now that girl is stacked! A come ON!”

Mr Saadiq (formerly Mr Charles Ray Wiggins of Tony Tony Tone, no less) has emerged with what might be the song of the year. The sound, the voice, the lyrics, the girl; it’s all there.

A come ON!

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