My next fight is slated for October 17, three days before I turn 35. I think my opponent is TBC, but I will be fighting on the undercard for John Wayne Parr vs. Yodsanklai, very possibly the best fighter in the world at his weight.

I am about nine weeks’ out, so I am currently focused on general conditioning and brute strength. I sparred yesterday with my mate, Gul Pohatu; we did 3X2 minute rounds and I came out of it feeling okay about my performance.

My general strength and fitness benchmarks require:

1. 170kg deadlift

2. 170kg squat

3. 100kgX10 bench press over three sets, and

4. Running one kilometer in 4 minutes. I’d like to get this down to 5km in twenty minutes, but I’m currently shambling around at 110kilograms. Which, for me, is very heavy!

I’m also working on conditioning my shins; at present, I know that I’m kicking properly because I feel as if my shin is going to snap when I make solid contact with Gul’s leg. I have this crazy five foot banana bag at work that is full of sand. Kicking it hurts like hell! At present, I can do little more than tap it. I will be interested to see what the effect of nine weeks’ exposure will be.

I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of my training and the change in activities as I taper down to the fateful date.

One Response to “Fighting”

  1. Hey mate,
    Just stumbled upon your blog while writing a piece on JWP. Nice work. I used to write for International Kickboxer mag(and Soccer International), too. Small world.

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