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Casey Calvert: Pain Slut

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As you are by now painfully aware, there two kinds of people in quarantine: the single and the partnered. I fall into the former category and as a result, find myself spending no small volume of time in the company of the very gorgeous Asa Akira. Continue reading

Her Absence

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Her absence

luscious and pendulous

rhythmic and sussurant

respires beside me in the darkness Continue reading

Lisa Ann Has Hips Like a Cello

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Lisa Ann has hips like a cello. She’s the same colour, too. Continue reading

Home-Made Pornography OR, The Girl in the Red Photo and the Trouble She Caused

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More than anything else, this piece has gotten me into a lot of trouble. And, I expect,  will continue to do so. Even though it was inspired by one woman, it has come to involve a number of others, none of whom were happy about it. Continue reading


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I keep finding emails from ‘Slutfinder’ in my junk folder. Continue reading

Amazing Porn

Posted in Film, Jokes, Pornography on December 6, 2012 by Jarrod Boyle

This is the most stone-cold bizarre – and remarkable – porn I have seen. I’m not sure what it is that I like best about it; perhaps it is the scenario, the performances, the amazing stunts or the soundtrack.

It has, however, alerted me to the fact that I must be a very boring, mundane person in the boudoir.

WARNING: This is pornography. Do not watch if you are under eighteen, offended by graphic representations of sex,  yadda yadda.

My First Gay Porn Film

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This is one for the feminazis. Continue reading

Thank God for Bettina Ardnt

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I hardly watch any pornography at all, but as an issue, it’s probably one of the biggest bones lying around the doghouse. Someone tipped me to this very interesting article, which I thought made an interesting counterpoint to Gail Dines’, also published in ‘The Age Newspaper’ and linked to via this blog.


Story of O

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“…for as a matter of principle he was participating in whatever might be demanded of or inflicted on her, and that it was he who possessed and enjoyed her through those into whose hands she had been given, by the simple fact he had given her to them. She must greet them and submit to them with the same respect with which she greeted him, as though they were so many reflections of him. Thus he would possess her as a god possesses his creatures, who he lays hold of in the guise of a monster or a bird, of an invisible spirit or a state of ecstasy. He gave her only to… reclaim her enriched in his eyes, like some common object which had been used for some divine purpose and has thus been consecrated.”

Story of O, P.31.

There is a special category of books I love into which Story of O falls, along with Hubert Selby Junior’s Last Exit to Brooklyn. These are books I HATED the first time I read them, went away and thought about, re-read and then discovered they had completely rewrought the way I thought. As books, they actually pushed me out of one phase of psychological maturity and into another. Continue reading

The Internet is for Porn!

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…as if we didn’t know.

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