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The Kreutzer Sonata

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Holy shit – now this is a frightening book. Continue reading

Kirsty Fraser-Kirk

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“…when you’re done, a judgment is going to go down in the court of public opinion, my friend.  And that’s the power you have.” 

–          Al Pacino/Lowell Bergman,The Insider. Continue reading


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It’s remarkable how many ‘Classic’ art works, if not the majority, received a very shaky reception at their initial publication. It makes you ask the question; how could a self-respecting, intelligent professional reviewer have failed to see Moby Dick/Pride and Prejudice/Lolita for what they so ‘obviously’ are? How is it that William Blake never exhibited, and Van Gogh never sold a painting? Continue reading

Madame Bovary

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Time Magazine ranked the ten greatest novels of all time thus: 

  1.   Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  2.   Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert Continue reading

Shooting Star: 2010 K1 Oceania GP

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol. 18, No.4

The K1 World Grand Prix, the most prestigious international stand-up martial arts event, returned to the Oceania region on July 10 for the first time in seven years. Previously, the Oceania qualifier had been staged by Tarik Solak in Melbourne, Australia, and in Auckland, New Zealand, by Dixon McIver. Both promoters put their unique stamp on the event and set a high benchmark for every event to follow. Continue reading

Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett: What's Next?

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Post-sparring analysis after Carnage gave me a sound beating.

International Kickboxer magazine, Vol.18, No.4

The last time this magazine visited Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett, he was a month away from meeting a man roundly considered to be pound-for-pound the world’s best fighter, Tyrone Spong. After being knocked down in the second round, Nathan recovered from wobbly legs to down Spong with a spectacular right hook. Controversy set in quickly, however; Nathan failed to see the referee wave off the contest and thought the fight was still underway. Seeking to capitalise on what he believed to be no more than an eight-count, he punched Spong all the way into the middle of the week after. When the dust had settled, the fight had been ruled a no-contest. Continue reading

Love Letter

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I remember on Sex and the City how Carrie Bradshaw was a big reader of the love-letters of ‘great’ men; I was inspired by this notion at the time. I looked up some of the letters, Beethoven’s specifically and was, well, disappointed. Not that I am a ‘great’ man (no one other than me seems to think so, anyway,) but I have always felt that this letter was one of my better efforts.

It’s strange to think that all my writing, all that work, can boil down to one single effort, much like a sprinter’s entire training life can be boiled down to that sub-ten seconds he’s tearing along that hundred meter track. But I guess that’s the thing; ordinary lives find their extraordinary moments for that finite stretch of seconds, or words, or moments.

So here’s mine. The girl is long gone; I’m certainly the better for it. But I remember being transfixed by a sorrow so great it could only be described as grief, and here are the thousand-odd words I wrote in the hope of transfiguring it into something more than a squalid agony.       

Continue reading


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Dear Jarrod,

Thank you for sending me Finding Cronos, and for giving Murdoch Books the opportunity to consider publishing your manuscript. I think the questions and themes you wanted to explore through your story do have merit, however I think the writing and structure of your manuscript still needs more work. Continue reading


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Some years ago, as a hopeful, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young kickboxer, I paid a visit to my physio. No doubt I had twisted/snapped/sprained something minor and needed some attention. I remember asking him while sitting on the table, “How dangerous is kickboxing, do you think, for my health?” Continue reading

Intolerable Material Part 2

Posted in Film on October 1, 2010 by Jarrod Boyle

I seem to have this subject on the brain; it may have something to do with a series of particularly shocking cinematic episodes I have undergone in the last few months. I think it was kicked off when a friend of mine loaned me the Takeshi Miike film, Audition.  Continue reading

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