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The Ups and Downs: ‘Bangin’ Ben Edwards and the Vicissitudes of Fate

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International Kickboxer Magazine, July/August 2014

The greatest careers are marked by severe vicissitudes of fate. Fight fans talk about the great clashes; Aerts and Hoost, Hunt and Sefo, Hari and Karaev. What they don’t talk about are the ups and downs a professional fighter goes through from fight to fight, like a ship that sails on a stormy sea. Continue reading

Ben Edwards: Glory 16

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Ben faces off against Errol Zimmerman on Saturday, May 3 at Glory 16 in Denver, USA. His last showing was an impressive third round knockout against Belgian juggernaut, Jamal Ben Saddik. He gives us the lowdown on the lead-up to Glory 16. Continue reading

Ben Edwards: The Road to the K1 Final 16

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Ben Edwards, Canberra Kickboxing sensation, ascends the world stage on October 14 to represent Australia at The K1 Final 16. A win at this tournament will secure him a spot to fight for the title of world number one. He tells Jarrod Boyle all about it.  Continue reading

Ben Edwards: Big Bang Theory

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"I'm a very KO or be KOed kind of guy."

International Kickboxer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2012

Australia’s great heavyweight hope, Ben ‘The Guv’ner’ Edwards caught up with JARROD BOYLE to look at all that awaits him on the international fight scene.  Continue reading

Shooting Star: 2010 K1 Oceania GP

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol. 18, No.4

The K1 World Grand Prix, the most prestigious international stand-up martial arts event, returned to the Oceania region on July 10 for the first time in seven years. Previously, the Oceania qualifier had been staged by Tarik Solak in Melbourne, Australia, and in Auckland, New Zealand, by Dixon McIver. Both promoters put their unique stamp on the event and set a high benchmark for every event to follow. Continue reading

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