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The Ups and Downs: ‘Bangin’ Ben Edwards and the Vicissitudes of Fate

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International Kickboxer Magazine, July/August 2014

The greatest careers are marked by severe vicissitudes of fate. Fight fans talk about the great clashes; Aerts and Hoost, Hunt and Sefo, Hari and Karaev. What they don’t talk about are the ups and downs a professional fighter goes through from fight to fight, like a ship that sails on a stormy sea. Continue reading

Slowinski vs Edwards vs K1

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International Kickboxer Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013

K1 has been through some trying times of late; bankruptcy, changes in ownership, radioactive meltdowns and the like. The brand of the world’s most prestigious fight organization has survived, however, with a strong Australian contingent as a crucial part of it. BEN EDWARDS and PAUL SLOWINSKI talk to JARROD BOYLE about their recent experience in Japan at the Final 16. Continue reading

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