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It’s hard to feel sympathy for footballers. Continue reading

Jarrod Boyle Versus Nathan 'Carnage' Corbett

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I have written three articles about Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett for International Kickboxer Magazine. The first was a preview of his clash against Tyrone Spong, who was widely considered at that time to be the best pound-for-pound kickboxer in the world. After Carnage knocked him well into the middle of the week after, contest or no-contest, I think it is fair to say that the mantle for that particular accolade has passed. Nathan, at age 30, is well on the way to asserting himself as the best kickboxer on the planet. Continue reading

Getting Reemed

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If this comes down the chimney, I’m getting the hell outta there.

If there was one incident that made me wonder about people who make fighting their profession, it was the day I found myself in the shower with Alistair Overeem. Continue reading

Winter's Bone

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Rhee Dolly, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is seventeen. She lives with her twelve year old brother and six year old sister in a log cabin in the Ozark Mountains, in Missouri. She also cares for her mother, who suffers from some undisclosed mental illness which has rendered her catatonic. Her father, Jessop Dolly, a renowned local meth cook, has skipped bail. As a result, the law has foreclosed on their property and her family’s already meagre resources are stretched to breaking point. Necessity means she has to either find her father and convince him to turn himself in, or turn up his corpse which will release her family from having to pay his debt. Her quest takes us on a journey through the demography of a little-seen part of the U.S. Continue reading

Eli Roth – Feminist Warrior?!

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Who would have picked Eli Roth for a feminist crusader? Continue reading

The Last Exorcism

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When I saw the preview for this one, I thought it was another instalment in the hopelessly retreaded Exorcist series. Everybody knows the first film with Linda Blair and Max Von Sydow as possibly the most scary horror film of all time. The sequels have progressively destroyed the credibility of the premise to the point that no one else has dared go near it for fear of being infected by the terminal crapness. Continue reading

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