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Benjey Zimmerman

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When did you retire? What made you decide it was time?

I believe that passion is the main ingredient of being successful. I lost my passion after some heavy injuries and disappointment in decisions by management. Continue reading

The Long Road: ‘John’ Wayne Parr

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International Kickboxer Magazine, March/April 2015

There are many things to like about ‘John’ Wayne Parr. Best of all, he always comes up with a story. Just ask his friend, Joe Rogan. Continue reading

All Hail the Super-Samoan!

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On Saturday May 26, the Cindarella of fightsports will strike out in pursuit of the UFC Heavyweight title. We love and respect Junior Dos Santos as one of the few gentlemen remaining in what has increasingly become a thug sport (see the woeful weigh-in shaenanigans of Diaz and St-Pierre), but my money is on the great Antipodean.

I salute Dos Santos, but Mark Hunt is in my heart.

All hail the Super Samoan!!!

Mark Hunt to Fight for Heavyweight UFC Title

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All hail the Super Samoan!

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