Tyson the Raconteur



Mike Tyson was in Toronto, delivering his spoken word show ‘The Undisputed Truth’. While there, he was interviewed on television to both promote his show and the mayoral candidate he was there to support.


During the interview, Mike was asked how he would answer critics that thought his presence might detract from the mayor’s image, given that he was a convicted rapist.


It’s a damned good question and to a media-savvy individual (which, as an aspiring public figure, Mike needs to be,) provides the opportunity to demonstrate intelligence, insight and character. Whatever the journalist’s intentions, which as a professional would be first and foremost about getting the most favorable interview possible (it’s a current affairs chat show, for God’s sake,) Tyson demonstrated himself to be suspicious, unpredictable and very probably still injured – not the hallmarks of a capable leader or luminary.


Something tells me he won’t be involved in politics anytime soon.

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