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Ramon Dekkers: The Legend and the Legacy

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International Kickboxer Magazine, May/June 2013

Ramon Dekkers was the most significant Western fighter to wear the Mongkon. In fact, he and Rob Kaman can be credited with re-inventing Muay Thai in Thailand, its country of origin. Continue reading

Sparring Smart

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Sparring with Peter Graham probably wasn't very smart.

International Kickboxer Magazine, Vol 16, Number 6

January 2009

Sparring is the business end of training. All forms of conditioning (weights, bagwork, padwork, running, drills, etc) should be integrated into a training regimen to serve this most crucial of activities. The quality and intensity of your sparring will be the most important determining factor in pre-fight preparation. Continue reading

'Catching Cannonballs!' Aussie jumps into Dutch Training Cauldron

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Me and Chalid 'Die Faust' Arrab, shortly after he almost punched my head off.

International Kickboxer Magazine, Volume 16, Number 2

March 2008 

Melbourne Heavyweight Jarrod Boyle jumped on a plane at the end of February and headed to Breda, Holland for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – to train at the Golden Glory Gym of K1 stars Semmy Schilt, Stefan Leko and Chalid ‘Die Faust’ Arrab under the auspices of legendary trainers Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers. Here he talks to MICHAEL SCHIAVELLO about life in the cauldron of one of the world’s most successful and toughest gyms. Continue reading

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