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‘What’s Your Favourite John Mayer Song?’

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That’s a good question, my young friend, because enjoying John Mayer is not something a ‘real’ man is willing to broadcast.

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Ken Lay: Cage Fighting, Bloodshed and Resonating Against the Void

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To my mind, Ken Lay is more than just a police chief; he’s an exceptional public figure, fighting to make a crucial difference to Australian society. Continue reading

UFC: The Other Side of the Bloody Coin

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ufc_fight_night_33_hunt_vs-_bigfoot_poster“Young men love war and old men love it in them.”

-Cormac McCarthy,

The Crossing.

Phil Rothfield recently published an editorial in The Daily Telegraph that has gone viral across the Facebook pages of many of the people I know. It’s a pretty inflammatory screed, and I’m surprised any credible newspaper would publish it; the comment about ‘allowing’ women to fight on the card alongside men must have left feminists, along with fight-fans, scratching their heads. Continue reading

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