Workout – 17/01/12

Today’s workout was a cracker, hence my enthusiastic posting. The theory behind it is to provide a holistic resistance session with a significant cardiovascular component; the idea being to get the heart rate between 85 and 100% of maximum, which is where the heart rate will be when fighting. At this intensity, the body respires differently and the muscles fire specifically, so to be ‘fit’ for a fight, you need to work with your HR in this range.

The circuit portion is specifically cardio, performed with the upper body. This is good because most cardio is done with the legs and it also focuses on developing endurance and lactic acid tolerance for punching. 

The second segment, the weight training, involves a squat clean. This is a highly sophisticated movement which renders a host of benefits. It develops a kind of plyometric power, as well as jamming the HR up into that top bracket. By super-setting with push ups, you also get a punching motion which requires core activation for balance. This has the added charm of contracting the diaphragm which means that it makes it even harder to fill your lungs.

I threw in the Renegade Man-makers to really destroy myself.

Have fun and let me know how you enjoy it! 


2 minute static hold (1 min straight arms; 1 min toes and elbows)

2 min – 30 second intervals of

  • Crunches
  • Crunches with 4kg MB on chest
  • Crunches – straight arm with MB
  • Full sit ups with MB


Sprint work – 3 minute rounds.

  • Rope – 20 on/10 off. 3 movements; both arms together, alternating strokes, lateral strokes
  • Grinder: 20 on / 40 off
  • Rower: 20 on / 40 off


Alternating crunches and oblique cycling – 30 sec intervals – 3 minutes


Power clean with full front squat – 40kg/6 for 4 sets – immediately into push ups

  • Standard – 20
  • Close grip – 16
  • In and out – 10
  • MB hand to hand – 10

1 minute rest between sets

3 min round of renegade man-makers – 8kg bells


Back ext – 10

Erector spinae leg raise – 10

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