Jenk Behic’s Comment


I am posting the responses from principals as entries in their own right, in order that they are easily viewed and don’t disappear down the bottom of the article itself.

I tried to find a genuine bio to introduce Jenk in terms of achievements, but could only find this on a forum.

Jenk ” Great White Shark ” Behic

He has been to war against Australia’s best

Jim Gountounas ( 2 wins )
Steve Douett ( 2 wins )
Paul Hancock ( 2 wins )
Nick Tetoris ( 1 loss )
Daniel Dawson ( 1 win )
Amir Shafipour ( 1 loss )…. IMO, Jenk did enough to win
Jai Duncan ( 1 win )
Anthony Dutton ( 1 win )
Wayne Parr ( 1 loss )
Sam Harvey ( 1 loss )
Vince Parkes ( 1 win )
Mike Cope ( 1 win )
Dom DeVanna ( 1 loss )

Michael Zambidis ( 2 losses )
Jordan Tai ( 1 loss )


I have more then likely missed a few, but you can see the quality Jenk has faced over the years.
Jenk showed his best form under kickboxing rules, and he is up there with Louie Isofidis….. pity the ” ICE” retired before they got to fight one another.

cheers Spada

“Its a shame you seem to have put in a lot of effort in this article but got no clue. I am a big believer that everyone has the right of their own opinion, it also shows the character of the person. I won’t comment on yours because I don’t know you, I believe we haven’t even meet before? You seem to have alot of the pieces right but are way off in solving this puzzle & with that attitude I wonder why you couldn’t see the correct picture.

You seem to have understood all the boys very well (Scida’s students) giving them good reports then bag the 1 Man responsible for it all. I can’t make off all this but only that you have made this personal & taken a cheap shot. My advice would be if you happen to walk into a gym & find something you’re not happy with, take it up with the Trainer & see what he can do for you. If not satisfied, of course you move on, hopefully finding what you’re looking for.”

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