Karl Jenkins’ Comment

Left to Right: Karl Jenkins, myself, Tony Marichal. Front: have a guess.

Left to Right: Karl Jenkins, myself, Tony Marichal.
Front: have a guess.

Taken from facebook:

“Hi all, this is my response to Jarrod Boyle’s article on his blog. He wrote this article about his experience of John Scida. The article was very personal and has greatly upset John who I have been training under for over 25 years.

My experience of John is very different and he looked after me as a fighter, trainer, friend he has made many sacrifices for the sport of Muay Thai. This article may hurt John’s future business and shows so I dispute it’s contents and I do not recall these events. This is one man’s perspective it does not give the man I respect greatly any Justice. Please remove the article Jarrod Boyle.

John Scida is a good man why taint such a great career over a thing from the past based on your own limited perspective. I know many fighters that respect him Anthony Vella, Mark Hammer Castagnini, Peter Markovski, Chris Bradford, Andrew Devistator Devitt, Andrew Steen, Phil Chapman, Billy Manne, Richard Walsh, Richard Karl, many more who I can’t fit. My close friend also in the article Tony will post his opinion as well.”

There was a list as long as my arm of affirmative comments down the bottom of the article. If you follow this link, you can read them for yourself:


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